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Environment and


Toward being a carbon-neutral


Planning to become carbon-neutral

by 2023, Siemens Turkey’s largest

production facility is the country’s

first production center with LEED

Gold certification.


product portfolio

Siemens’ environment-friendly

product portfolio reduces CO


emissions in Turkey by 1.7%.

This is equivalent to CO



of 3.3 million automobiles.

Siemens Turkey’s share in renewable

energy generation is 10%.

Contribution to energy efficiency

Through approximately 100 energy

efficiency projects, Siemens

Turkey’s contribution to the

environment is equivalent to

planting more than 125,600 trees.

Return on investment in these

projects is 1.5 years.

Environment, Health and Safety


Siemens Turkey received

“Healthy@ Siemens” certification

with its sustainable health

management. Siemens Turkey’s

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate

(LTIFR) is half of the average rate of

Metal Industrialists Union’s.


quality of life

Contribution to the

healthcare system

Every day 200,000 people benefit

from Siemens Turkey’s healthcare

technologies and 32.4 million

people have access to medical

imaging equipment provided by


Contribution to transportation

Siemens Velaro, Turkey’s first

very high-speed train, reduces

commuting time by 40% for

871,000 passengers.

Contribution to safety

and security

Every year, safety of 28 million

people at Sabiha Gökçen Airport

and 64.8 million passengers at

Marmaray is ensured by Siemens

Turkey’s systems.

Supporting social security

Siemens Turkey paid a total

premium of TL 75.5 million for the

social security and healthcare

insurance of its employees.

Favorable work environment

According to Universum’s report,

Siemens Turkey outperformed all

competitors in the list of

companies that students want to

work for.

Shaping societal


Corporate governance and


In three years, Siemens Turkey will

provide a total of USD 1.76 million

(TL 5.06 million) support for the

Turkish Integrity Center of

Excellence (TICE) project launched

by the Ethics and Reputation Society


CSR projects

Siemens Turkey has been

implementing corporate social

responsibility projects in education

and technology since the day it

started its operations in Turkey.

Equal opportunity

Siemens Turkey received the

“Certificate of Equal Opportunity”

from KAGİDER in 2012 and the

“Award for Gender Equality in

Business Life” from the Ministry of

Labour in 2013.

Long-term commitment

Having started its operations in

Turkey 160 years ago with the first

telegraph system in 1856, Siemens

is one of the most deep-rooted

industrial companies in the




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