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value map

Our contribution to the sustainable development of Turkey

Siemens value map |




the economy

Economic output

Siemens adds a gross value

(direct, indirect and induced) of

TL 3.2 billion to the economy.

Investment and financing

A total of EUR 265 million financing

was provided, with EUR 145 million

on Public-Private Partnership

projects and EUR 120 million on

infrastructure and energy projects

in the last three years.

Localization and exports

In 2015, in the energy industry local

production constituted 66% of

Siemens Turkey’s total sales, while

revenues from exported products

and projects reached 33% of total


Supporting key industries

50% of automobile production,

46% of clinker, 25% of cement

manufacturing capacity, and

67% of high-quality metal forming

machinery of Turkey use Siemens

Automation Technology.

Supporting SMEs

70% of Siemens Turkey’s

procurement in 2015 were made

from SMEs.

Energy independence

Siemens products and solutions

play a role in 30% of total electricity

generation and 16% of the installed

base in Turkey.

Developing local jobs

and skills

Job creation

Siemens creates employment for

40,000 people in Turkey, 3,007 of

whom are directly employed.

Skill enhancement

Siemens Turkey spent TL 7.2 million

on employee trainings in 2015.

While average training per

employee has been 3.2 days,

Siemens Turkey also offered various

trainings to 1,650 customers and

suppliers throughout the year.

Supporting education

Since 2000 Siemens Turkey has

Invested approximately TL 14 million

in the education of high school and

university students.



R&D investments

The number of employees at

Siemens Turkey R&D centers

multiplied by 5 in 5 years and the

budget reached TL 60 million.

Industrie 4.0

With awareness raising practices

on Industrie 4.0, Siemens Turkey

reached more than 10,000

people. 6,000 copies of the book

Industrie 4.0

(in Turkish) were

distributed. The Industrie 4.0

platform (

sponsored by Siemens is visited

by 1,500 people every day.

Digital transformation

Siemens’ devices generate more

than 93 TB of data per year in

industry and healthcare in


Digital grid

43% of power distribution

companies use Siemens’ solutions.

Unless indicated otherwise,

1 dollar = TL 2.88, 1 euro = TL 3.28