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Customized Business to Society


Step1: Focus on what matters

What sustainable development

priorities of Turkey matter for


Step 2: Measure what matters

Which metrics best reflect

Siemens Turkey’s positive and

negative impacts and how do

we measure them?

Step 3: Balance what matters

What conclusion can we draw

and what are strategic

improvement areas?

Step 4: Address what matters

How to make best use of the

insights for stakeholder

engagement and decision


At Siemens, we believe that companies can

really succeed only if they fulfill the needs of

the society they operate in. This means

businesses have a responsibility in economic

and social development and that they should

add lasting value to the countries and

communities they work in. Therefore,

obviously we need much more than just profit

rates to measure our corporate success.

We believe that, by measuring social and

environmental impacts and identifying

tangible benefits of operations, companies like

Siemens Turkey should demonstrate that their

business operations are aligned with the

national development agenda and that they

play an active role in economic and societal

development. Being a responsible company

means working in partnership with the society

and being a part of its long-term development.

With this Business to Society Report, we

measured the impact of Siemens Turkey on the

sustainable development of the country both

quantitatively and qualitatively. Siemens Turkey

developed a customized methodology based

on the Measuring Impact Framework of the

World Business Council for Sustainable

Development (WBCSD), of which Siemens is a

global member, in order to objectively measure

and assess its contribution to the country.

The difference we create

Companies often try to see the world through

the prism of their own business activities. Yet,

we, as Siemens Turkey, adopted a different

approach. In the preparation phase of the

report, we examined the issues that the

government defined as material to the

development of the country. Then, we

identified and measured Siemens’ contribution

to what really matters to Turkey under the

topics of strengthening the economy,

developing local jobs and skills, driving

innovation, environment and sustainability,

improving quality of life, and shaping societal


This study was based upon stakeholder input,

international studies Turkey’s Vision 2023

strategy, and the 10


Development Plan

2014-2018. We worked with an independent

consulting firm to provide external expertise in

assessing Siemens’ contribution to Turkey.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) supported

Siemens in calculating specific economic

impacts such as contribution to gross domestic

product (GDP) and job creation.

When assessing our impact in specific

industries like transportation, energy

efficiency, renewable energy, and healthcare,

we measured only where Siemens’ technology

plays a fundamental role or is a critical part of

an industrial process. We calculated our

contribution in 2015 only (unless stated

otherwise), though in most cases our already

installed base of technologies has been

creating value for a much longer time.

The intention here is not to modify

engineering calculation methodologies, which

is, in fact, not possible in any way. Our goals

are to understand our overall impact on issues

that matter to our stakeholders with the aim of

evaluating our role and purpose in the society,

to improve the value we add, and to promote

stakeholder dialogue.

What we have learned

This report reveals that Siemens Turkey is

much more than just a company and is an

important development partner for Turkey.

Demonstrating our tangible contributions to

Turkey, this report will serve as a guide in

future business plans. We believe this report

will support Siemens Turkey in becoming even

a better company. We believe that it will help

us to attract and retain the best talents,

improve our decision-making mechanisms,

and contribute to Siemens’ becoming a

benchmark in local sustainability reporting.

Business to Society

Our methodology



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