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Dear Readers,

We, as Siemens, are celebrating our 160


year in Turkey. Since 1856 we have not only

been performing economic activities on

these lands, but also contributing to the

society in many different aspects. The world

is moving forward with a dazzling speed and

is witnessing changes that we could not

even dream of before. Making possible what

used to be deemed as impossible, this

change requires a brand-new mindset in the

business world. We are talking about a new

system in which companies have a vision of

growth beyond traditional parameters such

as increasing production and acquiring

short-term financial revenue. Today, they

also take into consideration the impact they

create on the society and the environment.

As corporations, our responsibility toward

the society and the environment we live in

is greater than ever. In concise words, we all

want to see the real social contribution of

our corporations to our world, our future,

and our children in a measurable way, want

to feel proud about it, and also want to

understand where and how we can intensify

our impact. Employees, customers,

governments, non-governmental

organizations - in short, a great number of

stakeholders - expect corporate structures to

cooperate with them in ensuring the

development of society.

Taking this as a starting point, in our



year in Turkey, we wanted to measure

Siemens’ contribution to Turkey’s

sustainable development in terms of quality

and quantity. Based upon our experience

and know-how, this Business to Society

Turkey Report has been prepared as a

concrete demonstration of the contributions

that our operations in Turkey have made to

the sustainable development goals and

social life of our country. This report is an

answer to the questions: “What is the actual

benefit that we create? At what point do our

activities generate value for the society?

And what kind of values are these?”

Every year, when reports of the largest

companies in our country are released, I ask

myself if value creation, in its true sense, is

only based on how many people work in a

company or how much revenue they make

in a year. Aspects that make long-term

contribution are often ignored, but in fact

they are the real sustainable values for the

development of a economy. However, this

report gives a detailed (and maybe the first

of its kind in Turkey) insider look of how a

company contributes to the development

and growth of a country in all key

dimensions. The key is to initiate impulses,

such as quality standards or norms, which

create a domino effect.

I am truly excited and delighted to write the

foreword for such a valuable report.

I sincerely hope you will share my

excitement while reading it.

Hüseyin Gelis

CEO and President,

Siemens Turkey


What is the actual benefit that we create? At what

point do our activities generate value for the society

and what kind of values are these?

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